For more than 50 years, HOST® Dry Carpet Cleaning System has remained the premier dry extraction system on the market.  For use in both residential and commercial facilities, HOST works better than hot water or steam methods.

host dry extraction carpet cleaning systemHOST Dry Carpet Cleaner dissolves and traps dirt. HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner is all natural and contains a balanced blend of moisture, detergent and a small amount of safe-to-use solvents. HOST carpet care dissolves and traps greasy, oily dirt, spots and odors as it is brushed into the carpet. Because HOST carpet care is a low-moisture cleaner, the carpet can be walked on during cleaning and is ready for use immediately after cleaning.

The HOST Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System is a proven method for achieving clean and dry carpet that looks it’s best every day. But did you know that using HOST can contribute to a cleaner environment both inside and outside your facility? In fact, no other carpet cleaning product has the variety of independent certification and research that HOST Dry Carpet Cleaner has.


Benefits of the HOST System

  1. Carpets ready for use immediately
  2. Best products on the market today
  3. Lower cost than conventional methods
  4. Professional results
  5. Enhances Indoor Air Quality
  6. Eliminates residual moisture issues
  7. Certified green and environmentally preferable