Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Ocala, Florida With Great Results
You have lots of choices History has proven that wet extraction methods are not the most effective when it comes to carpet cleaning. They leave behind water residues, chemical residues and the pressurized systems regularly send soil and contaminates deep into the carpet where they could never go naturally. We have found that our Host Dry Extraction System is the most effective, deepest cleaning carpet cleaning system there is. The best part is, it is All Natural & Green Seal Certified. To keep your carpet looking beautiful for as long as possible we recommend cleaning your carpets every 6 months for normal use and 3-4 months if you have kids or pets.

What to Expect

Upon the arrival of C4 Carpet Care’s trained technician. We will…

1.    Thoroughly examine the carpet for stains, heavily soiled traffic patterns and damage.

2.    Review the results and cleaning process with the customer.

3.    Pre vacuum carpet.

4.    Pre treat all stained and heavily soiled areas.

5.    Evenly distribute our dry extraction compound.

6.    Thoroughly brush the cleaning compound through the carpet in multiple directions with our counter-rotating cylindrical brush carpet machines.

7.    Vacuum the cleaning compound from the carpet.

8.    Thoroughly re-examine all stains and heavily soiled areas to ensure best results have been achieved.

9.    Apply deodorizer & protector as requested.

10.  Professionally groom carpets.



Carpet manufacturers apply stain protectors at the factory to keep you floors cleaner longer. Regular use and vacuuming can wear away at the stain protection. C4 Carpet Care strongly recommends applying our premium protector. Protected carpet stays cleaner longer, it also gives you extra time to clean up spills so they don’t turn into stains.

Odor Removal

If you have an unwanted odor in you carpet we can help with that too. After the cleaning process has been performed we can use one of our Green Seal Certified products to remove the unwanted odor, and leave the carpet smelling fresh and inviting.