Revive faded colors with help from upholstery cleaners in Ocala FL



Furniture gets dirty, discolored and stained through normal everyday use, but don’t worry, we have the solution to the problem. Steam-cleaning furniture is a great way to revive faded colors and give furniture a brighter, cleaner appearance. Manufactures suggest cleaning your valuable furniture every 12-24 months, and we agree. We have different cleaning methods for different types of fabric. Our powerful heat extraction system covers the majority of fabrics, but all of our methods are low moisture and depending on your fabric you can expect 1-6 hour dry times.


Leather needs regular care just like your skin. Not all leather needs the same treatment. That is what our technicians are trained to identify. We provide a gentle but thorough cleaning method that opens the pores of the leather and removes the contaminates. Once the leather is clean we recommend moisturizing and protecting the leather. Moisture is needed to keep the leather soft and protecting the leather seals cracks and pores to prevent future soil from damaging the surface. Leather manufacturers recommended professionally cleaning your leather every 12 months. Household leather cleaner can make your leather look great at first, but most of them contain harmful chemicals that eventually damage the leather.


What To Expect

Upon the arrival of C4 Carpet Care’s trained technician. We will…

1.    Examine the furniture.

2.    Test the furniture.

3.    Determine which cleaning method will be most effective.

4.    Pre vacuum.

5.    Pre treat stains.

6.    Apply our Green Seal Certified fabric cleaning solution.

7.    Scrub the cleaning solution thru the fibers of the upholstery.

8.    Use our powerful heat extraction system (or another method if heat extraction was determined not the most effective method).

9.    Apply deodorizer & Protector 10. Professionally groom fibers



Soil contaminates slowly wear and scratch the fibers of your upholstery, which over time can wear away at the stain protection. C4 Carpet Care strongly recommends protecting the freshly cleaned upholstery with our premium fabric protector. What is Fabric Protector? Fabric protector is a spray on invisible barrier that helps prevent staining, soiling, and permanent wear to the fibers.


If you have an unwanted odor in you upholstery we can help with that too. After the cleaning process has been performed we can use one of our Green Seal Certified products to remove the unwanted odor, and leave the furniture smelling great.