Why is C4 Carpet Care the best solution for your home carpet? It’s because of the state-of-the-art dry carpet cleaning technology. c4 Carpet Care of Ocala before and after imagesThis technique is far superior to steam cleaning for carpets! Carpets are left dry which means:

  • No split seams or buckles.
  • No damage to under pad.
  • No heat or water on hardwood.
  • Can be used immediately.
  • Spots do not “wick back” to the surface as the carpet dries.
  • No sticky residue (which causes rapid resoiling after steam cleaning).
  • Host Carpet Dry Cleaning is Safe & non-toxic for kids and pets.
  • Host Dry Cleaning system is self contained no ugly suction pipes snaking through your home-or open doors.
  • Safe for all area rugs.
  • Host was rated #1 by Consumer Reports.

Host Carpet Dry Cleaning Extraction cleans by using a natural compound, which absorbs soil and grease as it is brushed through the carpet. The compound is safe for all carpets including wool. The Host Carpet Dry Cleaning method does not remove stain-resistance or change the color of the carpet.